Mission, Vision and Values



Our goal is to achieve excellence from start to finish, enhancing the medical imaging experience and outcome for our patients, and improving the health of our community.



Prairie Skies Medical Imaging commits to:

  • Adopt progressive practices that serve to continually improve health outcomes.
  • Share with our patients the respect and compassion that drives our team.
  • Maintain a healthy working environment based upon fairness, trust and open communication.



The Prairie Skies Medical Imaging team is united by our strong values:

  • We are accountable for every action, to  our patients, our employer and each other
  • We maintain a safe, caring and comfortable environment
  • Our work ethic is based upon respect for our patients and each other
  • Our workplace adopts fair practices, providing opportunity for employees and rewarding experiences
  • We maintain a professional attitude and take pride in serving our community