Patient Privacy Policy

 The physician and staff of this clinic are committed to protecting your privacy. 


The Collection And Use Of Your Information 

  • In order to provide you with quality health care, we keep a record of information about your health status and a record of the care that we have provided to you. We may need to share this information with other health professionals or institutions who are involved in your care; to assess the need, provide, continue or support the provision of a service for you. 
  • We may provide information to other physicians or health professionals who are treating you, and hospitals or other medical facilities where you are receiving care. 
  • A copy of studies that meet the required criteria may be forwarded to the Provincial PACS system.
  • We also must meet legal requirements to disclose medical information in certain specific circumstances. We may be required to provide information about your medical care: 
    • To agencies that pay for the care we provide to you; when the law requires us to report a patient’s condition. For example, we are required to report information about child abuse or neglect, some communicable diseases, and medical conditions that may interfere with a patient’s ability to drive safely’ 
    • To respond to an investigation by the College of Physicians and Surgeons 
    • In response to a court order. 


Access To Your Patient Record 

We follow HIPA and PIPEDA policies 


Security And Protection Of Your Information 

We will keep accurate records of your health information and will follow all legal requirements for the security, retention and destruction of these records. Our procedures and systems are designed to protect your information from error, loss and unauthorized access.