Online Access to My Images

We are excited to announce that we now provide imaging records to patients and care
providers through secure, online access!

An Access Page can be faxed or emailed directly to a care provider by our facility or
provided to a patient at the time of their visit to be delivered to their physician/provider.
Once an Access Page has been received, the care provider can easily view or import the
shared imaging in full diagnostic quality.

To enroll for personal access to your imaging records, you will first need your Provincial Health Number before visiting . Once enrolled for access, you can view your entire available
medical imaging history from Prairie Skies Medical Imaging, share imaging
instantly with any medical professional, or even burn their own CD/USB from home.

For more information about online access through PocketHealth, please contact PocketHealth
directly at 1-855-381-8522 or by email at

If you are a physician, external hospital or imaging clinic wishing to learn more about the
Access Page received, please view the following document: Provider Sharing Recipient FAQ.